Parking accessories



Corner guard is used in parking lot and garages, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, hotel, schools, sports areas. It is made of high quality rubber, the yellow part is brilliant and reflective for have drivers’ attention, no matter in day and night. And Installs easily only need anchor fasteners and glue.

We offer a premium range of high quality corner guards are made from high impact resistance NR/SBR. Neoprene & EPDM corner guards also available on request. They are designed to protect the edges of columns in structures.

They are mounted onto the edges of columns and chipped edges in car parks, nursing homes, laboratories, hotel, schools, hospitals, sports areas and multitude of other commercial properties.

  • GI Clip Back up Type
  • Glue Type

Available in Black Color as well as with Color Strips on both sides of the wings or round rod in center


Wall protectors prevent damage to both vehicles and buildings, particularly in areas where space is limited
They are designed to protect the surface of walls in structures offering maximum impact protection in commercial or industrial environments
Parking wall guards protect vehicles from common dents and scratches.

Applied in Round Columns, Ramp area as well as Flat walls. Comes in Yellow strip in the center also


Our ranges of speed bumps are made from superior quality rubber (NR/SBR, Neoprene, EPDM). These humps are highly resistant to various impacts and brutal weather conditions The rubber speed hump is installedwith a light reflection that can attract driver’s attention even in the evening


Parking stops are used to effectively guide vehicles when pulling into a parking space. The parking stop is profiled at 3.5″ high, safeguarding from any potential vehicle damage. Unlike concrete, which requires repeated placement, these premium EPDM parking stops are designed to withstand the test of time. The vibrant colour selections also make our product the safer choice, as the dye is molded throughout, not just coated on the surface. These products are guaranteed to stay highly-visible for the entirely of their use

We are also dealing with quality PVC wall protection systems which are used in hospitals and interior decoration, Our major such products are

  • Handrails
  • Wall guards
  • Corner guards

Our handrails, corner guards and wall guards are wall coverings provide a complete, integrated protection system that offers design flexibility along with outstanding protection. They are resistant to scuffs, scratches and dents from pedestrians, moving objects or vehicles in multi-applications.

Our Products are available in Single color & Multi colors.

Road Cones

Traffic Cones are suitable for use in many kinds of areas and situations and are available in numerous different sizes. These very durable cones are suitable for using outdoors when trying to deter pedestrians or motorists from entering into a particular area, for using in car parks, warehouses, roadways, in schools and many more simlilar places.
With a thick, sturdy base these cones will remain in place at all times and will not be effected too much by strong winds. The highly visible sleeve will also alert any drivers or pedestrians in the area to their presence.

Flexible Road Warning Delineator Post

Provides road safety warning delineator post in different materials such as PVC road delineators, PE road bollards, PU road warning post, EVA delineator post.

PC/ Acrylic Convex Mirror

Convex mirror is mainly used in curves, cross roads and etc. It can expand drivers’ vision, and make them notice vehicles which are on the curve.
Good Anti-pressure Ability: The surface of the convex mirror is made of PC, PMMA or stainless steel. So it is tougher than glass and virtually unbreakable.
Easy Installation: We have already prepared clear instruction .You can easily install it.
Best Warning Effect: The backboard of covex mirror is usually made out of ABS materials. So it has bright colors.